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Hua Yang industrial participated in ELBC 2018-- Europe saw Hua Yang AGM



Hua Yang industrial participated in ELBC 2018-- Europe saw Hua Yang AGM

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Hua Yang industrial participated in ELBC 2018-- Europe saw Hua Yang AGM

The 16th European battery conference 2018 (16ELBC) was successfully held in Vienna, Austria on September 4, 2018. Global counterparts gathered in Vienna to discuss the future of lead-acid batteries actively and enthusiastically, Hua Yang industry general manager Sophia Du and international trade minister Ice Qu gathered together with colleagues from around the world.


I feel very honored to be here and to see the prosperity and development of new energy industry. Of course, I am not fighting alone. I would like to express my gratitude to every hua yang person who struggles in the production line. It is our efforts and love that make hua yang brand go out of Asia and into the world. This is a fast-changing era, and we are always in the midst of changes. All hua yang people have enough courage and wisdom to cope with and embrace all kinds of changes. Standing at the scene of 16elbc, shouldering the glory of hua yang, we believe in the future.

"In September 2018, Sophia and I had the honor of representing Hua Yang to attend the European conference on lead batteries (ELBC) in Vienna, which is an international academic conference on lead batteries organized by the international lead development association (LDA). It is a world famous  international exhibition and academic conference on lead-acid batteries together with ABC (Asian battery association).

The world's leading lead battery manufacturers, research & development institutions have participated. Besides the European representatives, there were many participants from the United States, Japan, China and other countries.

For the first time, we walked into such a grand lead storage conference to present Hua Yang power to the world, and to present Hua Yang in such an influential international conference, especially Sophia's speech, which was the perfect endorsement for Hua Yang. We also present the elegance and corporate culture of Hua Yang people to potential customers. Many customers also come to our booth to inquire about our company and products.

We believe that our products are full of vigor and vitality under the careful cultivation of Hua Yang people. More and more lead storage companies fall in love with our products. We believe that this day will come in the future!"

Belief is everything

Soak in the breeze of Europe

Huayang people are convinced that new energy is an industry that will work together with the world in the future.

It is also a golden opportunity for the transformation of China's largest manufacturing industry.

Born at this time, Huayang industry is willing to work with you to create the






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