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AGM Separator in different Lead-acid Batteries Applications & It’s Industry Outlook



AGM Separator in different Lead-acid Batteries Applications & It’s Industry Outlook

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VRLA Batteries--The most widely use for the secondary power supply
Store and Provide high energy density, adapt to the fast filling & fast discharge
High security, long life cycle
Temperature strong adaptability to the environment
Low cost, wide application scope
AGM Separator-- “The 3rd plate” to the VRLA Batteries 
With the development of VLRA lead-acid battery technology, the requirements for AGM separator are higher and higher
NO.1 Whole Micro-glass fiber Separator
Not contain any binder, AGM separator production using the method of wet manufacture paper.
Applied to more than 90% of the lead-acid batteries
Whole Micro-glass fiber Separator Performance
1. Keep the electrolyte ability strong, quickly absorb the electrolyte
2. High porosity, small pore size, effectively prevent the battery short circuit;
3. Stable chemical performance, low resistance;
Have certain elasticity, guarantee to keep the compression state when battery is using.
NO2. AGM separator with PE Fiber
Using Micro-glass fiber as main raw materials, and add a certain proportion of PE fiber, to manufacture a new type of AGM separator by paper production wet method.
Apply to start-stop/winding type lead-acid battery
Performance of AGM separator with PE Fiber
1. Have good mechanical strength,More suitable for the high pressure assembly
2. Have good heat-resistant ability,more suitable for high-temperature environment
3. Good bendability.
4. Have good pressure maintaining in wet state, guarantee to keep the compression state when battery is using, improve the seismic performance of the battery.
1. Micro-glass fiber
Micro-glass fiber production process
The characteristics of super Micro-glass fiber quality
Length of Micro-glass fiber:
Adopt the test of paper pulp wet hanging weight, indirect detecting fiber average length. The fiber’s length is longer, the wet weight value is higher.
Diameter of the Micro-glass fiber :
Beating degree can indirectly reflect the thickness of fiber diameter, fiber diameter is much thinner speaks to the beating degree higher, the conversely is lower.
Super qualified Micro-glass fiber, when the beating degree is on-spec, the fiber is better and better as the length is longer and longer.
2. PET fiber
PET fiber’s character & effect to AGM Separator